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Petrichor Workshirt


Petrichor Workshirt

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Those Finisterre folk have done it again with this hard-wearing work shirt/jacket, named after the smell of rain on parched ground. An earthy pun which also manages to smuggle in a reference to work, or chores.

Enough of the etymological philosophising. Lets have a pop at some easy classification: is it a shirt? Or a jacket? We're not sure.

Its unlined. So, shirt?

But wait, the densely woven heavy cotton was once used by a famous rain mac maker. So it's a jacket?

That said, it has a proper collar. And proper cuffs, with beautiful Corzo nut buttons. Plus a button down top pocket. Which brings to mind a shirt.

All set to confuse us again are the pair of huge open pockets. 

You get this picture. It is all kinds of functional. And pretty damn cool. Plus we are one of the few places to stock this in the magnificently subtle pine (green). Bag yourself one and get out there hunting for chores.


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