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Gather sweat


A carbon neutral sweatshirt with oversized Gather logo. How cool is that?! 

We started with organic cotton. Grown in India and certified so you can be sure it was grown right, which means without pesticides or fossil fuel based fertilisers. The cotton is grown in a mixed rotation with other crops, which maximises in-field diversity. Lots of buzzy bees and birds! Just as importantly: workers aren’t daily exposed to harmful chemicals, and neither are you.

The raw cotton is then dyed, cut and sewn in a wind powered factory! Solid & sustainable.

It doesn’t stop at environmental sustainability: it’s social too. The factory is audited by the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure ethical working practices. Their workers are paid 50% more than the average wage. So by buying one of our sweats, you are supporting healthy and wealthy lives across the planet.

Once it reaches the UK it is printed with low emissions ink, in a UK factory that has won awards for their social policies.

We know all this, because we took our time to find the right partners to bring you a product we’re proud to stand behind, as well as stand around in. 

Heather grey with oversized Gather logo on the front. Cheeky nod to our campaign to represent genuine UK outdoor experiences against the onslaught of pictures of Half Dome in Yosemite  on the back #nosemite

The fit is slim. Go a size larger if you want slouchy. If you find you’re not happy with the fit, return your sweat to us and we will refund your postage costs and send you one in your preferred level of snug. Or send a refund, whichever you prefer.


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