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The Orton wooden sunglasses


The Orton wooden sunglasses


The perfect companion for bright summer days outdoors on water, rock or the beer garden. These wooden sunglasses from Dewerstone are super easy on the eye thanks to classic styling and Carl Zeiss polarised lenses. 

As soon as we came across these beautiful wooden sunglasses and the Dewerstone team, we knew we had to stock them. Lets start with the walnut and oak frames. Not only do they look that part but they float too, because who's summer doesn't involve  splashing about?! Strong look and strongly made, thanks to a layer of aluminium sandwiched in the middle. 

The frames hold an ice cool pair Carl Zeiss Polarized lenses that bring clarity, precision, sublime viewing pleasure and 100% UV Protection.

Zeiss have been making lenses for over 100 years, they pride themselves on not only protecting your eyes, but improving your vision. 

Dewerstone are big on all things canoe and climbing related, hell they are named after a local crag, so they know how to give their kit a good testing in the great outdoors. Stylish functional outdoor products, its what we do!

Wondering about the name? Dewerstone teamed up with pro kayaker, ambassador and all round nice guy, Bren Orton for their flagship sunglasses. 

All Dewerstone sunglasses come with a 2 year warranty  against manufacturers defects, plus a crash protection policy!

Sunglasses are presented in a cleaning bag, inside a bamboo box, which keeps them safe and makes for a great gift. 

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