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Adventurous Ink subscription

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Adventurous Ink subscription


Immerse yourselves in the outdoors wherever you are, with Adventurous Ink: a new subscription service providing a curated mix of books, illustrations, prints and journals, from Gather Outdoors and friends.

Each delivery will be a surprise until it arrives. Images are illustrative of previous work from our creative contributors, unless we tell you otherwise.

Last month we sent our subscribers the fabulous Scottish Bothy Bible, but what are we sending next month? The only way to find out is to subscribe.


The subscription

Each month Adventurous Ink will deliver a book, magazine or art print, guaranteed to make your feet itch and your heart sing. You can expect roughly 5 books, 4 journals and 3 prints. 

Unlike many schemes, this is not a clever way of earning a quick buck selling you stuff you don’t need, its pure outdoor inspiration in print form. 

The subscription fee is just £30, paid every other month. Individual items will cost between £10 and £20, and have an average value of £30 over 2 months, including postage. There is no contract, you can stop at any time.  

Social sharing

Adventurous Ink is more like a club that a regular subscription. Our subscribers form a community of inspired adventurers and support folk working with the grain of nature, not against it. 

To prevent online spoilers, there is a strict social media embargo until a given date, so as not to ruin the surprise for far flung subscribers. 

Meet the creatives

We can’t guarantee you will love every item. Who could thrive on a vanilla soup diet? But we can guarantee there will be no naff motivational slogans captioning stock photography. Inspiration will be delivered through insights and ideas, excitement and experience.  

Our creative collective has been carefully gathered from steady hands and like minds. 


Capturing outdoor essences with pens in hands and feet in the stream. Always exclusive, we’ll be inking everything from high quality prints to the occasional t-shirt. Embroidery may happen. 

Contributors include... Anthony Oram (designer of the Gather logo), Miscellaneous Adventures, Rebecca from Middle of Nowhere,  print maker James Bywood, artist Stewart Easton, illustrator Samantha Eynon and many more.


Litanies of adventure from the monstrously massive to modestly micro. Adventurous Ink will regularly feature Sidetracked  and Another Escape along with a range of other short run periodicals. To find out which, you'll need to subscribe. 


Chosen to entertain, inform and astonish, we'll provide a mix of adventure writing, useful guides and engaging outdoor philosophy from fiercely independent publishers and absurdly adventurous authors.

By developing close relationships with publishers, we can bring you some publications before general release. We don't want to give the game away too much here, but expect Wild Things Publishing to feature in the mix.

Annual gift subscriptions

Buy a subscription as a gift, or buy one for yourself and save a bob or two. Enter the lucky recipients delivery address at checkout.


Gather Outdoors’ founder Tim has spent the past year building a business founded on social and sustainable principles. 

Tim's journey led to conversations and collaborations with some of the UK’s most creative adventurers. Folk with some inspiring ways of helping you enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors.

Adventurous Ink is the Phoenix that arose from the ashes of those campfire conversation and is an important part of their offer for thoughtful consumers. By inspiring folk to get out more, we know more people will enjoy and protect the natural world.

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