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Crew Buy FAQs

What is Crew Buy?

Its our revolutionary way to make great stuff cheaper. You buy stuff together with others, so you share the cost. Pay for the good times, not the down time!

Outstanding kit that brings a new dimension to your adventures becomes affordable.

How many are in a Crew?

Crews start at just two people, and the savings are immense right off: two of you cuts the price by half. How many are in your Crew and will depend on the item you are buying. 

For our kayaks, up to 10 people sharing a single one would work, though having a couple of kayaks makes adventures more socialble. So gather a Crew of 20 to buy two kayaks, and have 5 weekend adventures each year, plus stacks of midweek paddles, for just £150.

How do I get a Crew together?

Use the sharing buttons on each product page to ask your friends to be part of your Crew. 

We can also provide posters to put up in your apartment building, office, climbing wall, sports club etc, or you could post to Facebook Groups or Online Forums.

How do I make a Crew Buy?

Once you have got your Crew together, agree one delivery/shipping address.

  • Everyone buys their own share, using the drop down menu to reduce the price based on how many are in your Crew.  
  • Use the agreed shipping address at checkout. 

Once everyone has paid, the product ships and you can start adventuring.

Any tips for actually sharing?

So three of you bought a kayak, and you all want to use it at last minute on the same weekend?

Well, you can't. You need to get plan for this. Remember you each got 2/3 off the price? Organising how you're going to share is the pay off.

Agree in advance as much as you can. Use a Google Calendar?

Then, if no-one has reserved it in advance, take turns playing your wild card to bag it for that sunny weekend.

If all else fails: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I have a share in a Crew Buy product. Can I sell it?

Thats up to your Crew. Its worth agreeing things like this up front. Say someone moves away, how will you deal with that? Will you each buy them out, or expect them to find someone to buy their share? Do they forfeit their share? 

What happens if someone in the Crew damages our kit?

We'll help you get it repaired. If it's not repairable, insurers are your friend. If you have household contents insurance, make a claim. If not, take out a policy between you. It wont cost much, but could save arguments down the line.